What is Grow Space?

Grow Space is located in The Commons at Gribblehirst Community Hub in Morningside, Auckland. It operates as a host to a number of different community projects, each run by members of the Hub.

Sited on one of the former bowling greens, the predominant project at Grow Space is the Morningside Urban Market Garden (MUMG). MUMG focuses on extending the urban market garden skills of migrant and refugee background women as they learn to supply hyper-local produce to local cafes and businesses.

MUMG has partnered with the Food Waste Fairy to develop efficient bokashi systems that turn neighbourhood waste into nutrients for soil.

Other projects being developed for Grow Space include hydroponic and aquaponic growing systems, as well as a Hub kitchen garden and free picking communal growing areas.

Grow Space will also host a number of events and workshops to promote inclusive regenerative urban living for our community.

Morningside Urban Market Garden

Morningside Urban Market Garden is a social enterprise that develops business skills among migrant and refugee background women by growing local microgreens and edible flowers for use in local cafes.

From November 2018, MUMG will transform a large portion of one of the former bowling greens into an urban market garden using organic practices. Raised beds in upcycled apple crates, a tunnel house, propagation, watering and composting systems will all be established as the women are supported to learn about the business of urban market gardening.

This beginning will provide the foundation for a business model that teaches and shares skills and profits as it grows produce for market.

Key aims are to:

  • Grow business and market gardening skills among migrant and refugee background women with little or no formal education
  • Supply hyper-local organic produce to local cafes and businesses
  • Generate profits that will shared equitably with the growers
  • Support the development of purposeful social connections among the women involved, tutors and customers
  • Contribute to the development of The Commons at Gribblehirst Community Hub

MUMG is a collaboration of six organisations, none of whom receive funding or profit from the enterprise. The enterprise is also supported by local investors and donated goods from Bunnings Grey Lynn, as well as Gardens for Health, and local community members. The intention is to both expand the enterprise at Gribblehirst and to support satellite enterprises run by graduates of the programme. There is no cost to the women involved.

You are welcome to visit and enjoy Grow Space respectfully at any time. Growers will be there several times each week. Best times to talk with you are Monday afternoon.

You can be part of MUMG by helping in the garden, offering donations of expertise, goods or cash and eating our food at Crave and Kind cafes. Other suggestions for contributing are most welcome!

*Please be aware that the site is a work in progress and there may be health and safety hazards.

Morningside Urban Market Garden

Organisations Involved

Food Waste Fairy

As the Food Waste Fairy founder, my ‘day-job’ name is Leilani Tamu. I’m a Mum who’s passionate about making sure food-scrap waste that can’t be rescued by organisations like Kaibosh and KiwiHarvest, does not end up in landfill where it turns into harmful greenhouse gasses.

I love doing things that are both good for people and good for society. I’m driven to make a difference with the little time I have on this earth and I’m a ‘doer’ I make change happen by doing things that make a difference in our world (no matter how small). When food-scrap waste goes to landfill it doesn’t decompose properly like it does in compost, and the methane gas that gets created as a result traps 100 times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. This is really bad for our climate, for our planet and for our future – so it’s important to me to try and do something, no matter how small, to stop it occurring.

I provide affordable upcycled Bokashi Starter Kits (2 x bucket sets + instructions, 1 x kitchen collection bucket, a bokashi measurement cup, a bokashi masher + 1kg of bokashi bran) supported by an as-you-need-it bokashi bucket collection service + FREE ongoing mentoring, advice and support + ongoing access to affordable bokashi bran top-ups as required for Aucklanders (pm me to find out which suburbs are covered).

What do you do with the fermented bokashi food-waste? I donate it to a wonderful non-profit organisation that I support that is working to create employment opportunities through community gardening for women in our community. And I give a little bit to the composting worms in my Hungry Bin at home.

Food Waste Fairy

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