What is Grow Space?

Grow Space works to create welcoming, inclusive and regenerative neighbourhoods in Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa. A social enterprise on a mission to catalyse local aspirations for social and physical infrastructure through neighbourhood food systems.

Our intention is to build on existing neighbourhood skills and strengths through training and educating communities in regenerative urban food systems. Assisting local people at risk of food insecurity to develop the essential knowledge, tools, and confidence, to be able to contribute to improved local food resilience while strengthening socio-economic and environmental outcomes.

At this stage, Grow Space runs three Initiatives:

Morningside Urban Market Garden (MUMG)

A collaboration of six organisations, including Belong Aotearoa, Catalyse, Crave Cafe, Kind Cafe, New Zealand Red Cross, and Kai Collective to teach, learn and grow produce with migrant and refugee background women in an enterprise model that supplies hyper-local food to local cafes. Located across several sites in Morningside, Auckland.

The Grow Cartel

A neighbourhood seedling subscription,  A weekly subscription of organic seedlings lovingly grown in the neighbourhood by the team at Morningside Urban Market Garden, and delivered to you with care. The right seedlings, at the right time, with a handy guide full of tips and tricks to help you on the road to success.

Growing Together

A collective of regenerative community practitioners including The Mindful Gardener, Urban Composting NZ, Morningside Urban Market Garden, Wash Your Mouth Out, and The Carbon Cycle Company who are passionate about bringing together neighbours through good kai, and collective action on neighbourhood regeneration. A prototype neighbourhood Kai and Compost hub focused on shared learning around growing hyper local, nutrient dense food, nutrient cycling, and strengthening neighbourhood economies.

Morningside Urban Market Garden

Morningside Urban Market Garden is a community enterprise that teaches and shares skills and profits as it grows produce for market. Currently operating across two sites in urban Tāmaki Makaurau, MUMG supplies over a dozen local cafes and an organic grocer, all within a kilometre of the garden.

Since November 2018, MUMG  has been prototyping infrastructure, systems and curriculum using organic growing practices. Raised beds in upcycled apple crates, a tunnel house, propagation, watering and composting systems are now established and are used to supply local demand as migrant and refugee background women are supported to learn about the business of urban market gardening.

MUMG runs a two year programme of learning and mentoring. The intention is for the first cohort of women to learn for a full calendar year. They will then mentor a second cohort before taking their skills into their own enterprises. The second cohort will mentor the third, and so on.

The women  are encouraged to start their own enterprises before they leave the programme and produce from these gardens can be sold into the market MUMG has secured. The  women also have the opportunity to work in the garden in paid roles.

MUMG’s aims are to:

  • Grow business and market gardening skills among migrant and refugee background women with little or no formal education
  • Supply hyper-local organic produce to local cafes and businesses
  • Generate profits that are invested back into the enterprise
  • Support the development of purposeful social connections among the women involved, tutors and customers
  • Contribute to innovative development of local public spaces


MUMG has been supported by a wide range of individuals, groups and organisations in a range of ways. Investment has been provided by All Good Ventures, Kind and Crave cafes, Positive Women Inc. and Ghella Abergeldie JV. Donated goods from Bunnings Grey Lynn, Gardens for Health, and a small team of local community members have also contributed to the establishment of MUMG. Land has been provided at no cost by Eden Park Trust and Gribblehirst Community Hub.

MUMG has also partnered with a number of businesses including Husk, Mainfreight, Bailys Tanks and Plastics, Auckland Rugby Academy and Auckland Central Shed for specific projects and is ably supported by a group of regular volunteers.



Create your very own bountiful backyard garden, with a weekly subscription of organic seedlings delivered to your door. Let our urban farmers do the planning for you, the right seedlings, at the right time, with a handy guide full of tips and tricks to help you on the road to success.

 Choose from our range of subscription options lovingly grown in the neighbourhood by the team at Morningside Urban Market Garden, and delivered to you with care.  Each subscription will contain four varieties of organic edible, and beneficial seedlings 


Joining the Cartel

  1. Choose the subscription which is right for you.
  2. Subscribe + pay through our shop
  3. Your subscription will begin two weeks following confirmation of your order.
  4. Your organic seedlings are delivered, or made available for pick up from neighbourhood collection points on Friday afternoon each week.   

(Delivery fee may apply outside of Morningside area)

Harvesting mumg
Morningside Urban Market Garden

Our Sites

MUMG Eden Park

Generously supported by Eden Park Trust, Watercare and Ghella Abergeldie JV, our Eden Park site is built on part of the car park. This not only uses underutilised public space in innovative ways, it also complements efforts by Park staff to incorporate more sustainable practices such as composting and bee keeping.

Hosting 30 apple crate gardens and a small tunnelhouse, this is our primary prototype site. Here we are testing the efficiency of wicking beds, different soil profiles, planting density, a range of crops and harvesting systems.


MUMG The Commons

Located on The Commons at Gribblehirst Community Hub, this site is generously supported by the Hub Trust Board and members. Our Gribblehirst site includes a range of other organsations and projects who, working together, are transforming a former lawn bowling club into a community-led precinct. This collective effort aims to grow an inclusive place within the community for getting together to make, create, share skills, repair, recycle, upcycle and hatch ideas.

Here, MUMG has 20 apple crate gardens, rainwater harvesting  and composting systems as well as the beginnings of a outdoor kitchen. Initial efforts on this site have focused on creating gathering and social spaces as much as on production. Our work includes growing orchard trees in large boxes, kitchen garden ingredients and a village avocado tree for shade and sharing.


You are welcome to visit and enjoy MUMG respectfully at any time. Growers will be there several times each week. Best times to talk with you are on Monday mornings.

You can be part of MUMG by helping in the garden, offering donations of expertise, goods, time, becoming a Friend of MUMG or supporting our local cafes.


You can also buy our produce for home at Common Sense Organics or through our subscription services or Grow at Home range. Other suggestions for contributing are most welcome!


Please be aware that the sites are a work in progress and there may be health and safety hazards.



Growing Together

A collective of regenerative community practitioners passionate about bringing together neighbours through good kai, and collective action on neighbourhood regeneration.

A neighbourhood scale compost hub, Growing Together supports a system for processing organic waste from local residents and businesses, as close as possible to the source in and around Eden Park and the surrounding neighbourhood.

We believe that organic waste is a valuable resource, and are on a mission to divert this resource from landfill. Through the process of hot composting the hub will transform this organic resource into living compost which can be used as an input to support community growing initiatives.

A social enterprise, Growing Together offer a neighbourhood drop off service, (collection service coming soon!) which provides a local solution to reducing the amount of food waste going to landfill and support through education, practical training and shared learning the development of local composting skills, strengthening awareness of the value of compost in healing the land and growing nutrient dense local kai.

How it works 

Sign up 

To get started, register your interest, and share some details with us on our sign up form

Start Collecting 

During the week, start collecting your household food scraps. We recommend a sealable bucket or tupperware that fits in your kitchen and can be easily carried to the hub. Let us know if we can help with this. Most food scraps and household compostables are accepted, but there are a few exceptions. See our full list of accepted items here.

Walk, Bike or Skate to the hub 

When your kitchen bucket is full, make your way to the hub! We encourage people to make their way using bike, skateboards, scooters, walking or even public transport.

The hub or drop off point should be close enough to not need to drive.

Drop Off

Once at the hub, use the pin code to unlock the padlock on the bin. Place your food scraps into the bin, close, and lock the bin again.


We’ll take care of recycling all that food scrappy goodness into amazing living soil. So just keep the cycle going!


Our Vision

An interconnected network of neighbourhood Kai and Compost hubs focussed on shared learning around growing hyper local, nutrient dense food, nutrient cycling, and strengthening neighbourhood economies.



Food Waste Fairy
Food Waste Fairy


Get Involved

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Contact Info


MUMG The Commons :

5 Cabbage Tree Swamp Drive, Morningside Auckland 1025

MUMG Eden Park:

Eden Park Gate L, Sandringham Road, Morningside, Auckland 1024


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